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Call for Papers: 2023 Greater Boston Digital Research & Pedagogy Symposium

Proposals are due February 17. Cross-posted from Programs in Digital Humanities at MIT.

The Programs in Digital Humanities at MIT invite submissions for participation in a one-day symposium of Boston-area scholars, teachers, researchers, librarians, and all combinations thereof engaged with using or teaching digital methods in humanities and social sciences research on Friday, April 28, 2023.

Background & Purpose

This symposium was meant to happen in the spring of 2020 in order to build on connections and ideas exchanged at the Boston Digital Scholarship Symposium that took place at Harvard in 2019. It’s now three years later, and we think that community is needed all the more. We’re imagining an event that has us begin and end the day together as a group, but in between will break out into smaller sessions that allow for conversation and more hands-on engagement.


We seek proposals related, but not limited, to the following:

  • Works-in-progress (starting from the very beginning stages of planning a project)
  • Projects focused on Boston
  • “Where are we now?” / digital scholarship since the pandemic (from projects, programs, recent grads)
  • Professional development pathways (preparing students, credentialing, career trajectories, etc.
  • Organizational development (funding/sustaining projects, running digital humanities programs, etc.)
  • Realtime hands-on work (product demos, a participatory project open to all attendees, etc.)


We expect the symposium to run in 90 minute blocks. We seek proposals for completed sessions (90 minutes), individual interventions (15-20 minutes), and posters (asynchronous). Formats might include panels, talks, workshop sessions, and we are open to proposals of other formats that fit the given time slots. Posters can take any presentable format - a traditional poster, slides, a video, or a web project or prototype.

Sessions will occur in person on MIT’s campus.

Proposal Submission

Proposals are due by February 17, 2023.

Submit your proposal here.

If you are proposing a poster or an individual intervention, please submit a max 250-word proposal and a one-page CV/resume.

If you are proposing a completed panel, please submit one 500-word panel proposal that includes description of the individual interventions and compile all the participants’ one-page CVs/resumes.

We expect to have a draft program by early March 2023. Questions can be sent to


November 2022 - submissions open February 17, 2023 - submission deadline Early March, 2023 - acceptance notifications March 28, 2023 - schedule published April 28, 2023 - symposium