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The DSG draws members from units across the university, including academic departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University Information Technology, the Harvard Library, the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences, and other Harvard-affiliated institutes and centers. The DSG often meets in the Academic Technology suite, but does not currently have a physical presence on campus or any dedicated FTEs.

Membership in the DSG falls into four categories: Oversight Committee, Standing Committee, Member, and Affiliate membership. The group is co-chaired by two members of the Standing Committee, a member of the faculty and a staff member, who are appointed to the roles on a rotating basis.

DSG Standing Committee Member

Members of the DSG Standing Committee (DSG-SC) are directly involved in the day-to-day running of the group. They plan the group’s activities, teach workshops, organize events, and, in coordination with the DSG Oversight Committee they articulate the broader, long-term strategy of the group. DSG-SC members are expected to attend bi-weekly meetings, participate in some of the sub-committees that develop and supervise the group’s initiatives. Membership in the DSG-SC entails a considerable time commitment, and where appropriate staff are advised to discuss the role with their manager or supervisor before joining.

DSG Member

DSG Members are Harvard staff and faculty who wish to be involved in the activities of the group but not commit the time required by full DSG-SC membership. Among other activities, DSG Members co-teach or facilitate workshops, help organize events, and consult with students and faculty on research and teaching projects. The role is suitable for experienced digital scholarship practitioners without the bandwidth to participate in the DSG-SC, as well as for staff who wish to expand their portfolio into digital scholarship work. DSG members are expected to contribute to at least one workshop or event per term, be involved in support and consultation (via Slack, email, and/or individual meetings), and participate in infrequent, smaller meetings to plan events and activities.

DSG Affiliate

DSG Affiliates are members of the Harvard community that, while not regularly involved in the organization and running of DSG initiatives, have close ties to the group and are willing to support occasional activities, such as teaching specialized workshops or providing project consultations.

You can see more on the DSG membership on the People page. For information on joining the DSG, email us at